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Bag making machine cutting system

Join Date:  2017-6-13

Bag making machine cutting system by the cutter, the length of the regulator, beyond the clutch, wire and other parts of the regulation.

Double channel with roll vest bag making machine

1,  cutter: the system is the most important components, is the use of  moving knife and sliding guide, by the spring compression of the  floating mechanism, up and down the knife can be adjusted. Which is equipped with adjustment screw, can be used to adjust the  tightness of the cutter, can be a good exclusion of raw materials  difficult phenomenon.

2, the bag length regulator: bag length adjustment to change the  connecting rod set on the eccentric carriage position to control the  length of the bag, by tightening the hand wheel and nut to adjust the  bag size.

3,  beyond the clutch: the plastic over the clutch is an important part of  the machine, its quality, performance directly affect the length of the  product error, but in the course of the use of high frequency, so its  life also has a certain limit. If you find the production process bag length error (generally after  six months of continuous production), and exclude other failures still  can not be resolved, the clutch can be opened to check, repair.

4,  wire and cutting line distance adjustment: the distance between the  wire and the cutting line is generally 5-10mm, turn the adjustment hand  on the hand wheel, so that the beam roll up or down a certain distance,  get the ideal cutting line. In  order to facilitate the observation of the quality of the wire, you can  put the single-wire wire position to the end of the machine cutter. If the wire and the bottom line is not parallel, you can release a  bevel gear tightening screw, turn the hand wheel so that one end of the  beam roller on the rise or fall; production stability, then the gear  screw lock.

5,  welding knife adjustment method: in the bearing seat pad with a thin  paper, hand rotation of the body of the large handwheel so that the  welding knife at the bottom dead center, release the nut, adjust the  nut, hand pull the two ends of the paper The degree of compression until it is approximately equal. After adjusting, to lock the nut, to prevent loosening.

6,  automatic light control feeding device: The device consists of servo  motor, feeding roller, light control apron, blinds, photoelectric  tracking machine and electric control line, its function is to maintain  the normal production process to send the film. When  the machine is running, when the film feed speed is too fast, cover the  light control ray, the device will issue a command to stop the motor  rotation feed.



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