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Introduction of bag making machine

Join Date:  2017-6-13
Paper bag  machine (English name: Paper Bag Machine) is the production of plastic  bags or other materials, packaging bags of the machine, the processing  range for a variety of sizes of different specifications of plastic or  other materials, bags, in general, plastic Packaging bags as the main products.

Chinese name bag machine

English name Paper Bag Machine

Features using frequency control

Use computer control

Basic Features

The  machine is specially designed for the point of even the volume of the  pocket and the point of hanging vest double card machine. The use of computer control, step (servo) fixed length system to seal the size of small error. The electrical eye tracking makes the pattern of the printed bag accurate. Can  choose the computer to adjust the length of the bag, a printed bag a  problem with the machine automatically shut down and issued a warning  sound.



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