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Join Date:  2019-8-12

Mini film blowing machine/heavy duty bag making machine show in 2019 Complast Sri Lanka exhibtion!

1.TPH-45 Taiwan quality high speed mini film blowing machine.

*It is #645 steel material screw and die head.Material purchased from Japan.

*The main motor is Simens,LG inverter control all of motor,Omron temperature conroller.

*New design 8pcs air pipe.It could cooling faster than old one 6pcs air pipe

*Machine could do shopping bag film.The main body is 12mm thickness steel plate.

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
mini film blowing machine 1.jpg

2.RQL-800A Heavy duty bag making machine.

*It mainly do heavy duty garbage bag.The max thickness is 0.5mm (double side)

*Unwinder have magnetic powder and tension control.

*The main motor is Taiwan brand Chenbang.It could brake very qucikly.

*The sealing knife and cutting knife are together.So the sealing line is stonger and non stretch.

  It is flat from left side to right side.

<-------- Can Move Left or Right -------->
Heavy duty bag machine 1.jpg



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