RuiGao Machinery Factory is a professional manufacturers/suppliers of three layer film blown machine, we provide three layer film blown machine OEM&ODM/wholesale, three layer film blown machine price. This automatic high speed T-shirt bag making machine is used to produce a variety of bags, by sealing and cutting the natural colored or colorfulMain features of ring making machine: -- Servo motor feeding wire, high precision and high speed -- Full hydraulic drive, stepless speed changing

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PAPER CUP MAKING MACHINES PAPER BAG FORMING MACHINES Paper Roll to Roll Flexo Printing Machines Heavy & Special Type Paper Bag Forming Machines Square Bottom Paper Bag Machine.LMD-400B/600B Automatic High Speed Food Paper Bag Making Machine(with Pasted window)FQGS-4802 Model double servo motor super high speed fully automatic T-shirt bag making machine. FQCH-HS450*2 High speed bag making machine.